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The Rare Monkey children's picture books

The Rare Monkey children's picture books

Reviews & Feedback


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  1. Monkey - 16th November 2017

    The Rare Monkey Can’t, Couldn’t, Can! was shortlisted for the Rubery Book Award (children’s 2017).
    The awards website
    Link to the review:

    “The Rare Monkey Can’t, Couldn’t, Can! Joanne Gale
    A simple, gentle book about a monkey who doesn’t feel he can do anything. He visits other animals – an elephant, a lion and a tortoise amongst others – and is frustrated by his inability to copy their ways. He eventually discovers what he can do and learns that every animal is different and has its own way of doing things. It’s a lovely book with a valuable lesson demonstrated in a pleasing way.”

  2. Monkey - 10th March 2016

    Another review by Book Worm Mummy.

    Her website:
    The reviews link:

    “Have I told you how much I love children’s books?

    Being a mother of four children from ages 5 to 13, I get to read a huge amount of children’s books. Two of my children, the 6 year old and the 12 year old are also book reviewers themselves, so for a woman who has an obsession with anything book related I am always in book heaven!

    What I have come to realise though, from many years of being involved with children’s books, is that the market is vast, especially now as a number of celebrities are taking on the task of producing books for this genre. So, due to the huge amount of children’s books that pass through my door, there has to be a limit on the amount that we can practically keep for ourselves (the hubby can’t possible survive any more random trips to Ikea to pick up the next bookshelf).

    I’m therefore pleased to say that The Real Monkey with The Colourful Bottom has made it onto the keepsake shelf!

    I had the pleasure of being able to read this unique book to my youngest two bookworms and for the time it took to read it, I had their full attention. I strongly believe that any children’s book should have the principle target of entertaining its young reader first and foremost, but if that book is able to add a moral to its story, then it becomes the perfect children’s book. The Rare Monkey does both. Almost any parent will know that a book with the word Bottom in the title is guaranteed to catch a child’s attention and once the giggles subsided the story of a beautiful, but visibly different monkey, captivated my son and daughter. As the monkey leaves his home in despair at the difference in his appearance , he quickly realises that we are all in fact different and it is this difference which should be celebrated. The message is quite simple but the illustrations and the striking colour give this moral a life all of its own. A wonderful book to share with your children, I was also impressed at the typeface of the wording which would make it a perfect read for a child beginning to gain confidence in reading independently.

    “What counts is being yourself and liking who you are”

    It’s obvious both Joanne and Jeffrey are passionate about the books subject because it is evident in the whole concept of the Rare Monkey, but what I was also impressed by was finding out that this is a independently published book, personally created and produced to finish by their own hard work alone. This independence also applies to the printing process as it is printed in the UK using only FSC approved paper and they actively encourage the selling of the book through Independent Bookstores, rather than on Amazon.

    The Rare Monkey with The Colourful Bottom is a beautiful story, and would be a wonderful addition to any children’s home or school bookshelves.”

  3. Monkey - 23rd May 2015

    Our first review;

    “I was blown away by this children’s book. Here is a rare thing indeed: a children’s book with a strong moral message whilst also presenting an artistic and creative flair.”

    Read the full review by clicking here.

  4. Sally Ann Hodson - 29th April 2015

    What a pleasure to receive my copies of this delightful book. Loved the story and the great illustrations too. Can’t wait to read it to The Imp!

  5. mb - 24th February 2015

    This fantastic children’s book takes you on a journey of self discovery. You really feel like you have been with the little monkey all the way. The pictures just really add to the journey and help you paint the scenes in your head so you are observed 100%.
    My little girl loves looking at the pictures and the bright colours.
    We hope to hear and see more tales like this.

  6. Tim - 12th February 2015

    ‘The Rare Monkey with the Colourful Bottom” is an original and heartwarming story for children. It follows a very personal journey a monkey, who goes on an incredible adventure, and discovers something very important. The illustrations are amazing, bring to life a magical world full of colour, with each of the many characters characters (both animal and human) individual in their expression. This a wonderful children’s story, and a great debut by the author.

  7. Andrea Callander - 6th February 2015

    This is a wonderful book, ideal for children from the age of 4 I would think and it is beautifully written. Very amusing, but it sends out a lovely message about how it’s not important if you’re different to others. I loved reading this book and I’m sure my grandchildren will too.

  8. Jean - 3rd February 2015

    A charming, witty book with bright delightful colourful illustrations. A very good read for young children and well received with positive reviews to date. This high quality publication is printed in the UK using paper from responsible sources which is a refreshing change from the norm. This book sells itself!.

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