A lot of my work so far has required trying to engage children.

Going about doing this does, of course, vary from child to child (everyone’s unique), but over the years, I’ve noticed some ‘techniques’ can be good places to start…

  • If the child or children (this one tends to work well for groups) are getting noisy or excitable, lower your voice, in volume but also in tone (if you can). If a child can’t hear you, but they want to, they’ll have to quieten and calm down.
  • Be genuine: I’m not sure why, but most times children (and probably most adults) pick up disinterest. Be interested in what you say.
  • If it can be said in fewer words, use fewer words. Actions often speak louder than words.
  • Ask a question(s) and/or set a problem that needs solving, even if the solution may seem obvious. By asking and then listing, you also set an example of positive engagement.

I hope this helps and of course, if you have any question and or ideas do get in touch or add your suggestions in the comments below.

Having a mirror-umbrella helps (ha). The image at the top of this post is taken from a children’s show I recently performed in.

Warm wishes, Jo