The Rare Monkey children's picture books

The Rare Monkey children's picture books


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Storytelling is everywhere. We use and expreicence it every day.  Storytelling helps us learn, connect and express.

I’ve discovered I have a love for storytelling. Much of my work has storytelling at its core. 



I deliver storytelling’s using a collection of my own, original work and existing stories and poems. Storytelling’s are imaginative, interactive, fun and informative. 


I can provide workshops that build confidence through creativity. I use a mixture of storytelling, craft and creative games. I have experience delivering these in schools and galleries. 

Commissions/new work

I’ve been asked to create new stories for events. I can create and write new stories based on any theme. 

To diucuss any of the above, email me, Jo, on


Interview for BBC Kent after a performance of The Rare Monkey with the Colourful Bottom at Faversham Fringe 2018. 


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